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Xochitl is a Zumba Instructor and a Zumba Wear Affiliate. She posts Virtual Classes on Zumba.com. They are usually 30-40 minutes. Sign up for Package Deals! Live Xochitl Wednesday and Sunday. Xochitl just joined The Muvment Studio in Fair Oaks, CA to give live 1 hour Zumba Classes Thursday Nights at 7pm Starting in May. Contact Us for more Info.
Pre-recorded classes also available.
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Strong Nation

Xochitl is also a Strong Nation Instructor. Strong Nation is a HITT fitness class. HITT stands for High Intensity Tempo Training which is Interval Training to Music. If you would like to take her class click the link below. 
Mondays Only.

Xochitl's Instructor Page


Xochitl is a Zumbini Instructor. Zumbini is Zumba for babies. It is more of a mommy and me class. Caregivers are encouraged to participate. Find her classes in the link below. 
Kalino finds the Music.
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Offer Valid Until Jan. 6, 2021

Xochitl's Instructor Page

Just Strong

Just Strong is a Fitness Apparel Company. All products are of the highest quality. "I love all my Just Strong items. The sweatshirts are super soft and comfy. The sports bras material feels like skin. You don't feel squished and constricted in these clothes. I would say if you're a medium in sweatshirts, order a large, because they are fitted not baggy, unless it says it's a baggy sweatshirt. Shopping during the Big Sale times of year is smartest if you live in the US. However shipping is free when you purchase over $80." Xochitl.
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Just Strong

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Just Strong Sweatshirt

This is my favorite Just Strong Purchase. It is stark black and fits very snug. I am 5'2" and it fits down to my hips. If you like a baggier fit order it in a larger size. 
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Just Strong Sports Bra

This is the most comfortable sports bra but it is not a running bra. It is suited for weight lifting, walking, dance or a daily run to the store. The material is so velvety soft. It feels like you have nothing on. The sizes are pretty accurate. 
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Zumba Wear

Zumba has some really fun designs for fit wear. I really love this mesh top. It's stylish and breathable. Every item I have ever purchased from Zumba is of the highest quality fabrics. 
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