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The Ba.Bl. Reel - The Reel of Ballroom Blitz is a proud winner of the 2023 Silver Telly Award for Best Video/ Web Series in Arts and Entertainment! 
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A new podcast and Holiday Dance Exhibition on YouTube and Podbean based on the real life of a newly competitive dancer, Xochitl M. Lpz, in training with some of the Best teachers in Northern California, more specifically the hilarious, most remarkable and always astounding  Wesley Bradshaw and the Champions Trainer to Northern California's Winners Circle, Dan Lee Tran. 

Pro and Pro-Am Performances Dance Championships Entries Dance Formations
Dance Evolution
Dance Drama
Xochitl's Live Weekly Dance Review on Video


Wesley during his Bachata Performance showing Xochitl how it's done.


Watch Xochitl and Wesley get through the roughest year since the 1930's while competing in Pro-Am through 2020. Their meaningful struggle to their triumphant victories will leave you in happy tears. 
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Will Xochitl and Wesley continue their partnership in 2021? Watch as Xochitl begins her voyage in the World of WDC Competitions with a 2 time National Champion, Dan Lee Tran. Get an inside look at the training process of a National Champion of Ballroom Dance. Will Xochitl makes friends joining a new dance team or will it create a slew of enemies? 
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