Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contirbute?

We are so glad that you even had the thought, number one. We thank all of you for your support. It means the world to us. 
You can donate to the show via paypal, information on the home page. All donations go right back into the show and our different projects at The Ba.Bl. Reel. 
You can take classes with Xochitl or if you'd prefer a lesson with her extraordinary instructor Wesley B. or Daniel Lee Tran, you can email [email protected] and inquire about lessons. So leave an email with a name and number, how you heard about us and why you decided to take lessons. 
We also offer new and used dance and fitness items in The BABL Stores. All profits help support the show. 
You can also subscribe to the YouTube Channel For FREE!
We are always looking for Sponsors. If you'd like to sponsor Xochitl and her dance partners or the YouTube Channel, we are now members of .OpenSponsorship.com.

Will Xochitl and Wesley be performing soon?

As dancers we are always performing. Wesley has multiple performances a year. You can check him out on Instagram for updates. 
Xochitl is currently working on a theatre show and some things for television and film. At this point in her career she is still in the beginning stages. The pandemic has put a halt on all of her projects but she hasn't given up. 
The two can only perform together in Arther Murray Showcases and some of their free dance parties. It isn't definite that they will be doing "outside competitions" together again. 
In 2022, the tour of multiple performances and competitions entered with Dan Lee Tran ended at the Embassy World Championships. Xochitl also perfromed and competed with the Spirits in Motion Dance Company. Due to some unfortunate events Xochitl is no longer with the SIM Team. 
Currently, there are no more performances scheduled.
Sign up For updates on shows and competitions and how to get a spectator ticket. Join the emailing list. Our Subscribers get the invites. It is not usually posted to the public as some of these performances and competitions are for private clubs and events.

Who have Wesley and Xochitl trained with?

Wesley Bradshaw has had many coaches, dance directors and teachers in Contemporary Dance that helped him win multiple World Championships as a Professional. In Ballroom specifically, he was trained by some of Arthur Murray's biggest names.
In Xochitl's early years, she trained in Ballet Folklorico with Monica Zuniga. She's had many teachers in jazz, modern, ballet, tap and hip hop. In ballroom, Xochitl started her competitive career with Wesley Bradshaw and trained shortly with Bobby Gonzalez an Arthur Murray coach and judge. As an Arthur Murray student she was able to get coaching with the same judges that trained Wesley such as Tonia Kosovich and Drew Miller. Xochitl is currently in teacher training with Gwen Burton, the founder of Spotlight Ballroom and the Professional Ballroom Teacher Academy in Sacramento. She is continuing her competitive training with Dan Lee Tran, a two time Professional World Champion who has trained multiple award winning Amateurs almost every year. There, she was able to meet and take lessons with some of the greatest ballroom dancers in the world such as Victor Fung and Jose DeCamps.
Our newest addition, Dan Lee Tran, trained at Fred Astaire dance studio where he became a  teacher. After winning 2 World Championships as a Pro, he went on to teach independently and studied an online teachers course. Then he  worked with Ron Montez. Having many friends in ballroom, Dan has the opportunity to work and train with a long list of some Ballrooms biggest names and World Dance Champions in the industry such as Karina Smirnoff, Victor Fung and Jose DeCamps.

Problems with PayPal or Venmo?

We have yet to have any shipping issues with Xochitl's new and used shop. However, if you choose to use PayPal or Venmo to make a purchase and decide to return the item, we are not responsible for any of their company policies. You will be making that transaction at your own discrepancy. We can only offer receipts and photos of the product and the final transaction. While we will do everything we can to resolve a problem, any other issues with receiving the return payment will have to be called upon the payment service company and their customer service.
There are options to pay with credit card or debit in the Merch Store. I do also take credit card payments for the new and used shop as well as lesson packages. Although, you may purchase Ba.Bl. merchandise from The Ba.Bl. Store, I do not make any sales on my new and used items or lessons without an email or phone call. An email with a payment request will be sent to you. Please call or Text to make appointments. The Booking page is still unavailable.

How can I get Xochitl and Wesley to Perform at our Event?

Xochitl and Wesley are no longer partners. However, you can still schedule an appearance or a performance on the Bookings page. 
Appearances by both Xochitl and Wesley or Xochitl and Dan are $300 each per hour.
Performances by Xochitl and Wesley or Xochitl and Dan are $1000 each for up to 15 minutes. 
Solo Perfromances by any cast member are $500 for 3 dances.